So, your starting to plan for your wedding? Let me guess, you’re probably focusing on napkin color, table decorations, and the dessert table. While all these small obstacles are important to the perfect wedding, it’s crucial you start thinking about who you want in your wedding party. After all, they’re the ones that will be by your side on the big day to ensure all runs smoothly. Every bride needs these 4 types of bridesmaids on their wedding day.

1.The Socializer

The bride and groom are always the center of attention at any wedding, after all it is their day. However, this can be overwhelming for both the bride and groom when their guests are suffocating them with questions. Having a bridesmaid that can take some of the heat off the bride and hold a conversation with that great-cousin you only see once a year can be a lifesaver. She’ll make sure the bride is able to get some air, while also making sure your guests feel welcome.

2.The Comedian

The time is going to come when you begin to worry about something little like whether you picked the right tablecloth color. The funny bridesmaid will bring you back to reality and create the positive atmosphere every wedding needs. Laughing will take the stress away and ensure you’re back on the dance floor with your friends and family in no time.

3.The Planner

The months of preparation that go into a wedding can be stressful to any bride. Having an excellent planner as a bridesmaid is always a smart choice. They are the friend that is extremely organized, reliable, and will ensure your wedding follows the timeline. Every single issue that could arise at a wedding, she has already thought of and has three solutions to fix it. Lastly they will help you think through all tough decisions logically. The planner is a must-have in every wedding party and will leave you as the bride feeling prepared and relaxed on your big day.

4.The Party Starter

Nothing is worse than an empty dance floor surrounded by guests too intimidated to be the first out there. Worry no more the “party starter” won’t let that happen. She’ll be the first to break out those embarrassing dance moves and encourage everyone else to do the same. She will liven up any party and make sure all your guests have a great time.

Bridesmaids can be a huge help to giving you the day you always dreamed of. Consider the Haley Mansion as the perfect venue for you and your wedding party to have the day you’ve planned for, and the night everyone will be talking about!