It’s the final countdown – only seven days until your wedding day. You’ve already done so much, including choosing a wedding venue, finding the perfect setting for your wedding reception, and (probably) bonding with your wedding planner. As the big day gets closer, you may have butterflies in your stomach and to-do lists swirling in your head. Pat yourself on the back and remember everything is going to be great. You’ve got this. Use this checklist to knock off those final to-dos until you get to that wonderful “I do.”

Pick Up Your Marriage License

Depending on the state, there can be a required waiting period of 24 to 72 hours from when you pick up your marriage license until your wedding day. Check the state laws where you’re getting married to avoid any issues. Be sure you don’t apply for your marriage license too soon since many expire after 60 to 90 days.

Final Check-In’s

With your wedding day only days away, now is perfect the time to:

  • Check on seating arrangements with your wedding venue
  • Determine your wedding day timeline with your wedding planner & share this with your wedding venue, bridal party, and family members
  • Make sure your DJ or band has your playlist for the wedding reception
  • Go over the shot list with your photographer and videographer
  • Confirm the number and placement of floral arrangements with your florist
  • Ensure the cake is on schedule for delivery to your wedding reception venue

Have a “Dress” Rehearsal

Try on your wedding dress with your shoes and accessories – but first, remove any makeup or jewelry. If possible, have whoever will help you get ready on your wedding day to join you. This way, they’ll be prepared for any tricky parts of your dress. Practice walking in your wedding shoes and lightly scuff the soles if they are at all slippery.

Practice Your Vows

You’ll feel more relaxed on the day of your wedding if you’ve rehearsed your vows ahead of time. Read them aloud to yourself until you feel comfortable.

Beauty Without the Beast

Now is the time to keep your beauty approach simple – not try something completely new. Facials, teeth whitening, lash extensions, and waxing should be done at least one week before your wedding. Even if you’ve had these done before without a problem, there’s still a chance you could have a bad reaction – and you don’t want that happening right before your wedding. Confirm any hair and beauty appointments you’ve scheduled for you and your bridal party for the morning of your wedding.

Wrap Up Your Gift-Giving

It’s customary to give gifts to your wedding party at your rehearsal dinner or on the morning of your wedding. You may also be giving gifts to your parents, future in-laws, and spouse-to-be. After wrapping these, add a thoughtful note. If you’re treating your guests to welcome baskets, finish putting these together so they can be delivered to the hotel concierge.

Pack for Your Getaway

Do any last-minute shopping if you’re leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding. Look over your itinerary, and make sure your passport and travel documents are stored in a safe place.

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