The only thing that should be the center of attention besides the bride and groom on their special day is their wedding centerpieces. Centerpieces will be the talk of the table between your guests as soon as they arrive.

So what is a centerpiece and why is it important to your wedding day? Wedding centerpieces are decorative pieces used to tie in your theme and help create a visual atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy. Centerpieces for weddings can also act as an icebreaker for your guests or leave a lasting impression when they leave. When it comes to wedding centerpieces, there are a few things you should consider first. A few of those things include venue restrictions, table sizes and shapes, the number of tables, and lighting.

Venue Restrictions

When it comes to your wedding venue you have to consider their rules and guidelines for what they allow for table centerpieces. Here are a few questions to ask your venue. What time can my florist come in to set up? If my florist isn’t setting up the centerpieces who is? Would it be someone from my bridal party or does the venue do it? Does the venue have water for the florists to use if needed? Do they allow candles on the table and if so how many? Will the venue allow you to drop off centerpieces before your reception? Will the venue allow you to leave the centerpieces overnight for next day pick up or do they require them to go home at the end of the night? This might just be the tip of the iceberg, however, getting in touch with your venue helps find that perfect fit for the space on your day.

Table Size & Shape

After you speak with your venue, the next step would be to consider your tables. It’s important to let your florist know the dimensions and table shapes. When deciding what wedding centerpiece might work consider these few tips.

  • Round tables make for great circular arrangements, also circular tables offer more space for taller wedding centerpieces.
  • Keep in mind the shortest your centerpieces should be is 12 inches or smaller. Once you go over 12 inches we recommend a skinny or clear centerpiece so as to not block the guests from socializing. This also helps to ensure your guests don’t miss out on major parts of your wedding.

Now that your ideas are really starting to flow don’t forget to consider all of the other items that will be on the table. With your table centerpieces, you will also have table numbers, place settings, menus, glassware, silverware, and condiments.

Number of Tables

After taking a look at what one of the tables looks like now you can start to look at the big picture. With the size of the party, you can now determine if you want all the centerpieces to be the same or to vary from table to table. The more tables you have the more you can mix and match sizes or different centerpieces at your wedding.


Last but not least, lighting. Lighting is key when you determine your venue and centerpieces, consider lighting. When the daylight gets low how does it affect your venue? If you want to add a glow of ambiance to your day or add a magical effect during dinner. The best ways to do this would be adding candles, using fiber optic lights, or even using LED centerpieces.

All in all, wedding centerpieces are a fun and exciting way to add your own personal twist to your wedding! If you’re excited to get more ideas to check out this link from The Knot, or if you’re a big DIY feel free to post your own photos of your favorite wedding centerpieces you’ve seen.