When initially planning a wedding, the first order of business is establishing a wedding budget. Now actually sticking to that budget is the real challenge. Cutting back on certain wish list items can leave you feeling like your wedding won’t be everything you envisioned. Don’t fear – here are some easy ways to save money without miss out on your ideal wedding experience.

Go Digital

Consider using a digital save the date, invitation, or RSVP that can be sent through email. This reduces or eliminates the cost of printing and stamps, will still be effective and best of all, it’s free. If you also want to reduce the cost of a custom design, there’s a variety of save the date templates online that will still allow you to fully customize the invitation to your liking, without the price tag. This is a great way to save money right from the start.

Quality > Quantity

One way to significantly lower the total price of the wedding is by decreasing your guest list. A lower guest list reduces the high-ticket items, such as catering, bar cost, and cake cost. In addition to helping the wedding budget, decreasing the amount of guests allows for more interaction with each guest, making the wedding feel more personal. A tip to keep in mind is to invite those that have made an impact on your life and relationship, and whom you believe will be a part of your life together in the future.


If you have a guest list that has a lot of families with children, consider making it an adult-only wedding. This allows your guests a night away while also reducing your costs to help with the wedding budget. If having children at the wedding is a must, check with the caterer to see if they offer smaller, less expensive children’s meals as an alternative.

Edible Favors or A Donation

Instead of giving each person a gift when they leave consider a sweet treat or donation to a chartable cause instead. A home made treats can save you a fortune if you have a big guest list. Choosing a donation to a cause close to your heart can save you time and helps your budget by knowing exactly how much you’re spending.

Now that your wedding budget is set and you know where you want to splurge and where to hold back, next you need to find the perfect wedding venue to list on your save the date! Schedule a tour at The Haley Mansion to find the perfect location for your wedding!