Choosing the perfect wedding cuisine for your special day is one of the most exciting parts of planning your big day. Here are our top tips to help you make the best choice when it comes to the wedding menu!

First, start out by brainstorming. This may sound simple, but it will pay off in the long run. Start by creating a list of all of your favorite foods. From there, determine what things could fit into the type of wedding theme you’re looking to have. Are you wanting your wedding cuisine to be standard fare? Maybe you are wanting something different to give your guests the opportunity to try something new? Determine what kind of wedding menu you are wanting, and start from there.

Your next step to choosing your wedding cuisine is to set a budget for your menu. While you may have an overall budget for your wedding, it’s important to also break down what you’re wanting to spend on your wedding menu. You’ll want to include everything from the dinner, dessert, cake, sweet table, and any late night snacks. Set a budget, and then from there you are ready to start narrowing down your wedding cuisine choices! Also, be sure to consider your guests and what you think majority of your guests will enjoy as well.

Before you make any choices on your wedding menu, you want to be sure and sample the dinner options that you’ll be giving to your guests! The biggest mistake you can make is not sampling your meal before your wedding. Be sure to look for a venue or caterer that allows you to sample your wedding cuisine before deciding what you would like to have at your wedding.

If you are having your event at the Haley Mansion, you’ll be able to participate in our elaborate tasting! The tasting experiences we offer to couples are unlike any other. With our tasting events, you are able to sample our Sweets Table and Wedding Cake samples, Chocolate Fountain, VIP Beverage Service and hors d’oeuvres. Plus, you will taste all of our accompaniment options to serve alongside your plated entrée, as well as three entrée selections to try. This gives you an in-depth experience of our service at the Haley Mansion. All of our Event Coordinators are also available to answer questions. You receive a full immersive tasting that allows you to make the best decision possible for your wedding menu. If you’re interested in learning more about the services and amenities The Haley Mansion has to offer for your wedding theme, you can click here to contact us.