Planning a wedding includes making a lot of decisions, from deciding on the wedding venue to the color of linens and everything in between. Each choice requires research and understanding before making these big decisions. Flowers, for example are one of the choices that have many different elements to ensure the perfect wedding bouquet. Before meeting with a florist, take these three aspects into account to ensure your flowers work seamlessly with your wedding venue, dress, and budget!

The Wedding Flowers

When selecting a wedding bouquet you want to have an idea of the flower types you like, your colors, and the seasonal options available for your wedding day. If you have a favorite flower or color, be sure to understand what will compliment your wedding theme and time of year. Make sure that your color scheme is set prior to meeting with a florist to ensure your wedding flowers tie together your bridesmaids’ dresses, décor, and linens. Another tip is to bring a swatch of your dress to be sure the flowers complement your appearance. With the several shades of white in flowers and dresses, a swatch can help to be sure your bouquet doesn’t blend or clash. With different flowers being in season at different times, choosing flowers that are in bloom at the time of you wedding can save you money.

The Bouquet Style

There are several styles and shapes of wedding bouquets. Based on the statement you’d like to make with your wedding flowers, consider these three styles. First, a cascade bouquet makes a bold statement, the flowers fall from the top with a lot of greenery to draw attention to your bouquet. The next style is the most common and is simpler with flowers in an almost rounded shape tied together with a ribbon, the posy bouquet. The posy bouquet doesn’t take attention away from your dress and compliments your look with color and ribbon. There is also the hand-picked wedding bouquet that is more organic and gives a freshly picked, natural feeling.

 The Flower Budget

When budgeting for your big day, plan for wedding flowers to be around 8% of the overall budget, but remember the flower type has a lot to do with the overall cost. Some greenery such as eucalyptus and ferns can help to increase the size and fullness of your wedding bouquet without costing as much as a rose or peony. Also, picking flowers that are in season can help with cost as well.

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic wedding bouquet or something simple, understanding the ins and outs of the floral industry can save you time and money. The Haley Mansion is an all-inclusive wedding venue ready to be the perfect backdrop for your wedding bouquet whatever season or theme you choose! Call us today to book your tour!