Your wedding day should be magical. Getting to that fairy tale day, however, isn’t quite as easy as it appears in your favorite princess movie. Planning a wedding can be incredibly overwhelming.

One of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing an event venue to hold your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. One of the first steps to take is to pick between an outdoor wedding venue and an indoor wedding venue. Here are a few things to consider when making the choice for your wedding location.

Outdoor Wedding Venue – 2 Pros & 2 Cons

Pro 1 – Cost

An outdoor wedding comes with a stunning backdrop on its own. Whether it’s lush gardens, a vast mountain range, or a quaint creek, you can be sure that an outdoor wedding will have a beautiful setting.

Outdoor weddings can be less expensive than indoor weddings. The beautiful scenery and of course, you and your partner will be the center of attention, meaning a lot of extra decorations aren’t needed. One area that you can save on, specifically, is a florist. The outdoors will supply the organic, soft feeling you crave without the extra cost. An outdoor wedding venue allows you to keep things simple, which can mean a more affordable wedding for you.

Pro 2 – Children

Outdoor wedding venues can be a lot more family-friendly than an indoor wedding venue. Outside, there’s a breeze and plenty to look at so children feel less cooped up. If you plan on inviting your friends and their children, an outdoor wedding could be an easier way to keep them on their best behavior.

Con 1 – Weather

Weather can be incredibly unpredictable, especially in the Midwest. One downside of having an outdoor wedding is the chance of rain, high winds, or in some cases, even snow. Rain and snow can cause problems with microphones and sound as well as pose a threat to your guests’ cell phones and of course your carefully crafted updos! High winds can also cause frustration, as decorations might not stay in place. On the contrary, too much sun and heat can also play a factor in the comfort of your guests. When your guests get too hot, they can quickly become agitated, changing the mood and ambiance of your wedding.

Con 2 – Modern Conveniences

Another downside to having an outdoor wedding is a lack of modern conveniences. Although there’s always a good chance the lighting could be perfect, there’s a greater chance that it won’t be. Too much sun or too many clouds can cause glares or dullness which plays a huge role in the quality of your wedding photos.

Another modern convenience you may not consider is restrooms. Based on the number of guests at your wedding, having to rent restrooms can be costly.

Indoor Wedding Venue – 2 Pros & 2 Cons

Pro 1 – Control

Why risk the comfort of your wedding when you can be prepared in advance? Indoor weddings allow you to be prepared for unpredictable weather. Thankfully it doesn’t rain indoors (unless it’s a Notebook themed wedding) so you can stay on top of the weather, making sure that your wedding will be stunning, even if the clouds outside aren’t. Additionally, indoor wedding venues are great for winter weddings if you live in a 4-season climate.

Pro 2 – Creativity

While some are intimidated by decorations, indoor weddings are great for those who want to embrace them! Choosing an indoor wedding venue is an easy way to highlight your wedding theme. An indoor space lets you choose your backdrop, aisle flowers, overhangs, and more without the worry of your decorations becoming damaged by the outside weather. This will allow you to perfect your theme and execute all your Pinterest board ideas. The lighting is also much easier to manage ahead of time to control the ambiance with an indoor wedding.

Con 1 – Openness

Unfortunately, indoor weddings don’t always have the openness of an outdoor wedding venue. Seat limitations can become an issue if you’re planning on having a large number of guests. Additionally, the closed space can become chaotic for your photographer attempting to capture all the moments.

Con 2 – Expenses

Expense can also be a downfall based on the additional cost of décor. In order to execute your theme, decorations can come at a cost. Flowers, backdrops, lights, and air conditioning can add up fast. Even the fancy hotels and rustic lofts need a little more décor than an outdoor venue. Make sure to cushion your budget to achieve your dream look.

Whether you want an outdoor wedding venue or an indoor wedding venue, your wedding day should be enchanting. Why choose one, when you can have both! Since The Haley Mansion is a one-event venue, we offer the flexibility of moving inside or outside depending on the weather! Our venue allows you to have the wedding ceremony and wedding reception of your dreams inside or outside.

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