Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our commonly asked questions regarding wedding durations, fees, and more are listed below.
For more information, please feel free to call us at 815-726-6800.

When should I reserve The Haley Mansion?

The best suggestion is as soon as possible. Although, most bridal literature will recommend at least twelve to eighteen months prior to your date.

How long are events at The Haley Mansion?

The typical event duration is five hours. If you are hosting your reception at The Haley Mansion and choose to have your ceremony here as well, the event duration is 5-1/2 hours.

Is there a service charge?

Yes, every venue will charge a service fee. Ours is eighteen percent.

Can The Haley Mansion host events besides weddings?

Absolutely! We are host to a wide array of events from corporate luncheons to anniversaries to vow renewals.

How long is the bar open for?

The typical event features a 5 hour bar, which remains open during your dinner service, and includes a butler pass throughout the evening.

How do I reserve The Haley Mansion?

To actually reserve the date, the mansion rental fee is taken as an initial deposit. To begin planning your dream event, call us or fill out our contact page link.

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